Apollo at 50

    Flight Path Museum and Learning Center has unveiled a new display highlighting the achievements of America’s Apollo Moon-landing program. The display, titled “Apollo at 50” is a part of the museum’s Space Exploration Gallery and honors and explains the unique challenges and achievements of each of the crewed Apollo space missions.     


Flight Path Museum will be closed to the public:
Tuesday, May 15th
Second Saturday Speaker Series will be 10:30am on May 12, 2018
“Inside the Russian Space Program”
Rich Abele will share his photos and experience from his trip to Kazakhstan where he witnessed a rare behind-the-scenes launch of a Soyuz 50 rocket taking three cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

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  Flight Path Museum and Learning Center is a nonprofit, community-based museum honoring aviation pioneers, showcases the importance of Southern California and LAX to the aviation and aerospace industry as well as encourages youth to pursue education and careers in aviation-related fields. The Flight Path Museum gallery exhibits are filled with commercial airline memorabilia from aviation’s golden years and houses one of largest collection of vintage flight attendant uniforms in the Western United States.

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Flight Path Museum Speaker Series Presents”Aviatrix” a Documentary Screening of the First Chinese American Female Pilot Katherine Sui Fun Cheung, August 22, 2017

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  Flight Path Museum will host a screening of the documentary “Aviatrix” The Story of Katherine Sui Fun Cheung with Director Ed Moy at 10 am on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. Katherine was regarded as one of the first Chinese women to become a licensed pilot in the United States. Moy will introduce his documentary, the screening lasts 40 minutes and a Q & A session will follow.

As a teenager Katherine fell in love with flying when she immigrated to America. She dreamt of becoming a pilot but had to defy both racial and gender prejudices of the 1930’s to earn her license. She joined the Ninety-Nines, an all-women pilot’s club whose members include legend Amelia Earhart and lived her dream of becoming a daredevil stunt pilot performing at air shows and competing in air races.

The Beijing Air Force Aviation Museum proclaimed her “China’s Amelia Earhart” and opened an exhibit to commemorate her. Women in Aviation International inducted her into their Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum enshrined her as America’s first Asian aviatrix.

Flight Path Museum also recognized her milestones in aviation and she is one of only 51 people to have a bronze plaque embedded in the Flight Path Walk of Fame.

This program will begin promptly at 10 am at the Flight Path Museum, 6661 W. Imperial Highway, Los Angeles 90045. Free admission and parking.




‘Career Couple’ to Recount Air Adventures


Thomas Lee was aboard the inaugural flight of the Boeing 747 in 1970 as well as the first flights of several other notable commercial aircraft. He and his wife Sally Glenn-Lee, also an aviation veteran, will speak at Flight Path on April 25.

  Inflight adventures from the historic DC-3 to the contemporary A-380 will be spotlighted during the Flight Path Speaker Series on Tuesday, April 25.  Thomas Lee and Sally Glenn-Lee, an aviation “career couple,” will speak.

The program will begin at 10 a.m. at the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center in the LAX Imperial Terminal, 6661 W. Imperial Highway, Los Angeles.   Admission and parking are free.

Sally Glenn-Lee’s presentation, “Adventures of Cabin Crews from the DC-3 Forward,” will draw on her extended career as an airline flight attendant, instructor and manager for numerous airlines. Her career began in an era when she and her co-workers were called stewardesses, were required to keep a trim figure, and had to defer marriage and family until their flying days were over.  

Thomas Lee, an engineer who designs aircraft cabins and their amenities, has titled his presentation, “Adventures of a World Record Holder on Inaugural Commercial Flights,” including the B-747, A-380, B-787, A-350 and the C-Series. Lee currently serves as vice-president at Zodiac Aerospace in Huntington Beach.

“This program promises to be both informative and entertaining,” said Flight Path President Lynne Adelman.  “The Lees will help us remember some very memorable days in airline and aviation history.”



Boeing707The Boeing 707

The popular Flight Path Speaker Series continues with spring and summer programs saluting two key milestones in aviation history, the 90th anniversary of the famed Goodyear blimps and the 100th anniversary of the founding of aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

A presentation on April 26, “Goodyear Blimps Yesterday and Today,” spotlights the Goodyear airships seen for many years in the Southern California skies, noted especially for hovering over the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years’ Day. Goodyear operations staff will be on hand to review the nine-decade history of this familiar aircraft, beginning with 1925’s first blimp up to and including the newly-launched “Wingfoot One.”

Boeing takes the spotlight at Flight Path on June 28 with “Boeing’s First Hundred Years,” a program marking the firm’s centennial of aircraft manufacturing.  The presentation by corporate staff will include a review of Boeing’s most notable aircraft, including its first commercial jet, the 707, the iconic 747, the popular 737 and 777 and today’s 787 Dreamliner.  Boeing remains a major manufacturer in Southern California, producing satellites, rockets and updated C-17 aircraft.  A number of other companies in the Southland perform important subcontract work for Boeing.

The Flight Path Speaker Series moves into the fall season with a program keyed to military aviation plus a presentation and exhibition focused on aviation photography.

“My Friend Jimmy Doolittle” is the title of a September 20 program about the headline-making aviator of World War II.  His friend and aide Don Penny will share memories of working with the general. Penny also served as an aide to President Gerald R. Ford.

The final program in this year’s Speaker Series will be “Aircraft in Focus,” an exhibition featuring the work of aviation photographer Jean-christophe Dick.  The show opens with a presentation by the photographer on November 5 and continues for two weeks in Flight Path’s main gallery.

All Flight Path Speaker Series programs begin at 10 a.m.  Admission and parking are free.

Speaker Taps Aviation Stars to Lift Troop Morale


Flight Path Director Nissen Davis headlines the museum’s Speaker Series on June 23 with a program on his work with aviation and aerospace celebrities for the Morale Entertainment Foundation. Pictured on a mission to entertain U. S. military personnel are, from left, Davis, astronaut Jim Lovell, SR-71 test pilot Bob Gilliland and astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Boosting the spirits of U. S. service personnel was the goal when Flight Path Director Nissen Davis recruited five aviation celebrities to visit 10 military bases and an aircraft carrier at sea.  Davis will recount highlights of this and similar missions on Tuesday, June 23, at 10 a.m. at the Flight Path Museum in the LAX Imperial Terminal, 6661 W. Imperial Highway, Los Angeles.
Sponsored by the nonprofit Morale Entertainment Foundation in cooperation with the Pentagon, mission headliners included astronauts Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell and Gene Cernan, SR-71 test pilot Bob Gilliland and Vietnam War air ace Steve Ritchie.
“Morale Entertainment turned to me,” said Davis, “because I had been lucky enough to get to know some of these legends in my 30 years working for Flying Tigers, McDonnell Douglas and Hughes, as well as being the organizer of the annual Howard Hughes Memorial Award.”
Davis has coordinated two additional Morale Entertainment visits to U. S. military forces.  One celebrated the Indy 500 Centennial and featured top Indy drivers Johnny Rutherford and Al Unser, Jr.  Another, staged aboard a U. S. Navy nuclear carrier in San Diego, featured the opening game of the NCAA season with honorary coaches Magic Johnson and James Worthy.  Special guests were President Obama and the First Lady.
The Flight Path Speaker Series is open to the public with time allotted at the end of each program for questions from the audience.  Admission and parking are free.  The museum and learning center is operated by nonprofit Flight Path in cooperation with Los Angeles World Airports, the City agency which operates Los Angeles International Airport.
For more information call (424) 646-7284, or send an email to: flightpathguides@lawa.org


Flight Path’s popular Speaker Series continues during 2015 with a wide variety of aviation topics delivered by an impressive roster of informative speakers.  Subjects range from airport development to passenger service to aviation and aerospace history, according to Nancy Niles, Flight Path president.
“The Speaker Series is a key part of our learning center’s educational mission,” said Niles. “Our speakers promote a greater understanding of the importance of aviation for the entire community. These programs are offered free to the public.”
 .Flying_Tigers_logoKicking off the 2015 Speaker Series on Saturday, February 28 at 10 a.m. will be “The Flying Tigers of World War II,” presented by Dr. Pedro Chan, an internationally recognized authority on the Flying Tigers and their role in battling to free China from Axis control during World War II.  The original Flying Tigers were a group of volunteer American aviators led by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Claire L. Chennault.  Following the war, part of the group formed The Flying Tiger Line, an all-cargo carrier now part of FedEx.
Dr. Chan has exhibited his large collection of World War II Flying Tigers memorabilia in Washington, D.C., and at several U.S. military bases.  He also serves as an advisor to the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles and the Flying Tigers Historical Organization.
An update on improvements in LAX passenger facilities and ground transportation is the topic for the Flight Path Speaker Series on Tuesday, April 28, at 10 a.m.  Tim Ihle of the Los Angeles World Airports development staff will present the program.  The airport recently awarded contracts for design of a major expansion of international passenger facilities and has unveiled plans for sophisticated ground transportation links between the airport central terminal area and nearby rail and rental car facilities.
 .Flight Path Director Nissen Davis returns to the Speaker Series on Tuesday, June 23, at 10 a.m. with the topic, “Aviation Doing Good,” reviewing his work with aviation and aerospace celebrities supporting the Morale Entertainment Foundation.  The foundation is dedicated to boosting the morale of U. S. troops on deployment throughout the world.
The challenges for airlines in addressing hungry travelers is the focus of South Bay journalist Richard Foss, who speaks on the topic, “History of Food in Flight,” on Tuesday, September 22, at 10 a.m.  Foss will trace the development of menu selections ranging from pretzels to prime rib and everything in between. .
The 2015 Speaker Series wraps up on Saturday, November 14, at 10 a.m. by revisiting a popular subject of last year’s series: “Space Satellites.”  Phil Pressel, a longtime satellite project engineer, provides a look at the civilian role in this military-based reconnaissance program as well as the human interest stories that are part of it.